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Colombian coffee is often regarded as some of the best worldwide, yet within Colombia and its major cities, a robust craft coffee culture has not fully developed. Much of the quality beans are shipped off around the globe, and what's left for the locals is mediocre at best. The following is my short list of cafes in Bogota trying to bring premium, craft coffee to the Colombian people while focusing on sustainability and helping local farms and farmers.


Bourbon Coffee Roasters

Cl. 70a #1383

A selection of quality coffees with a range of preparation options located in the heart of Bogota. A charming interior, extremely knowledgeable and friendly baristas, tasty snacks, and a cute outdoor patio accented with planted wooden palettes complete this coffee haven. This was arguably my favorite coffee venue in Bogota.

Azahar Cafe

Carrera 14 #93A-48

An open air recycled shipping container cafe in the Chico Norte neighborhood offering single origin coffee and a selection of brewing methods including chemex, single drip, syphons, espresso drinks, french press, and more. You can trace each coffee type available at Azahar back to a single farm and, in many cases, a single farmer. Teas and lights snacks are also available.

El Taller de Te

Cl. 60a #3a38

Tea also makes the list for the best caffeine pit stops in Bogota. For those looking to spend a quiet morning or afternoon away from the hubbub of the city, head to El Taller de Te in Chapinero, a hipster chic tea house with an impressive selection of teas from around the world and from Colombia. To get a taste of the local flavor, opt for any of the Colombian Tea Infusions. For a better sense of the place, see my post here.

Catacion Publica

Cl. 120a #3A-47

Located on a quiet street in the super charming Usaquen neighborhood, Catacion Publica serves up a variety of specialty coffees, sells beans from various regions of Colombia to take home, and offers a host of classes to educate you on any or all the steps of coffee production. The interior and furnishings are modern and clean and the staff is passionate and friendly, making for an all around excellent coffee experience.

Cafe Cultor

Cl. 69 #6-20

Another shipping container, this time green, turned into the cutest two-level outdoor cafe complete with colorful tiles, plant life, and wooden accents. Cafe Cultor sources specialty coffees and aims to support farmers in high risk areas and indigenous populations that have suffered substantially during Colombia's history. With a variety of brewing methods, super knowledgeable and often bilingual staff, and snacks, Cafe Cultor is an enjoyable place to have a cup.


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