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I recently scored an incredible Travelzoo deal and took a spur of the moment long weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta. It took me about 26 minutes after looking at the promo to decide I just had to go. A new hotel slightly south of the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta was having an off season sale. Basically a room that would typically run $800+ was being offered for $235/night with a $100 credit. Do the math and you have $135/night. And it's not just any room. Think over 1000sf (yes, that is bigger than my apartment in SF), a private balcony with a hammock AND jacuzzi pool, and panoramic vistas of the Banderas Bay complete with all the luxuries you would expect of a high end hotel. The hotel itself is within a larger resort complex (Garza Blanca) that has several restaurants, different pools, and a private beach.

I have been to Puerto Vallarta before, and since I was only going to be there for a few days, I decided to make this trip one of pure relaxation. Oh, and eating. Luckily, this hotel was perfect for this type of trip mainly for one reason - rooftop pool. And not just any rooftop pool, an infinity rooftop pool seamlessly blending sea, sky, and pool into one beautiful blue vista. You can see the whole of Banderas Bay, Los Arcos, downtown Puerto Vallarta, and are surrounded on the 3 remaining sides by lush green jungle.

I can shamelessly say that other than heading out of the resort for some dinners, I pretty much lounged by this pool my entire mini vacation sipping on margaritas and basking in the wonderfulness of life, travel, and sunshine.


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