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Faraglioni in Capri, Italy

This is one of those posts that requires few words. I recently made a sort of spur of the moment decision to go to Italy for ten days with a friend. We spent most of the trip in Amalfi, but spent two days on the Island of Capri, just off the coast from Sorrento. The island is pretty jaw-dropping on the gorgeous scale from foot, but it may be even more impressive from the water. Who doesn't love boating all their worries away?

After doing a bit of research, we walked up to a kiosk in the marina of Capri and rented a personal gozzo boat (traditional boats typical of Capri) to take us around the island. Although there are many companies offering boat rentals in Capri, we used Capri Relax and were quite happy with the service, our captain and the boat itself. The boats they offer hold up to 7 people and a list of prices can be found here.

Gozzo boat in Capri

We coasted through grottoes with incredible crystal blue water (in some cases emerald green!), under arches, and around the faraglioni. We floated and swam in the Mediterranean, and laid out on our pillow clad gozzo staring up at the blue sky. We chatted with our cute, incredibly tanned, old Italian skipper who used to be a diver that found lost sculptures at the bottom of the Blue Grotto. Sometimes, life really is that good. If you're ever in Capri, I highly highly recommend taking your friends and hopping on a boat for a day of pure relaxation, exploration, and joy.

Faraglioni in Capri, Italy


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