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There are always those food venues that you return to without fail - they may not be the best of the best or the most trendy, but they have that something that keeps bringing you back. I live in the Mission Dolores/Noe Valley region of SF. If you're familiar with the area you know that in the past several years an array of new restaurants have popped up in the Valencia corridor. Since I can easily walk here, I frequently peruse, stop in, and eat at these restaurants. I like to try the new ones, but I have my set that are visited regularly. One such place is Delfina pizzeria located next to Tartine Bakery (another love of my life) at 18th and Guerrero.

The pizzeria is small, with a few tables inside and outside and a small 5-6 seat bar area, but it has a very cozy eclectic feel. The wall has a mural with an interesting interpretation of San Francisco on it that oddly complements the Eames chairs and wooden tables throughout the interior. The kitchen is tini, but opens to the space, so you can catch the action if you're interested.

The menu is composed primarily of pizzas (duh), but there are also antipasti, some salads, some pastas, and some veggies or soups too. I'm somewhat a creature of habit and typically order the same thing unless something stands out on any given day. I am a true believer that pizza can only be compared through ordering Margherita pizzas and coincidentally, I feel most satisfied after eating a Margherita. My typical order consists of warm olives, a tricolore salad (love), and the Margherita pizza. Simply delicious. And yes, I will keep coming back.

When I first started coming here years ago, the Delfina in the Mission was the only one. Now you lucky people can try it at their other locations as well - Burlingame Ave, Palo Alto, and California St in Pac Heights.


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