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Bergsson Mathus in Reykjavik, Iceland

When visiting new places, I love eating breakfast or brunch out on the town. Even if my hotel offers breakfast, at least once during my stay I try to venture out and eat out like a local. Just the act of ordering a coffee at a cafe helps to ground me in a new place. No matter where I am, everyone loves a morning cup of coffee and some tasty pastry or breakfast spread to start the day. Reykjavik, Iceland is no different.

Walking around the city one day, my friend and I both stopped in our tracks when we saw rows and rows of freshly baked bread through a window. We peeked our heads inside the cafe and were instantly charmed by the warm and lively atmosphere and the lovely smells wafting about. There was a counter with a display case full of pastries and breads flanked by simple chalkboards with different more substantial breakfast options listed out. The adjoining space had a cluster of tables with a simple and rustic vibe. We decided we would absolutely have to return the next morning for breakfast.

Anxious for our breakfast, we quickly walked to Bergsson Mathus. After perusing the offerings, we headed to the front counter to order. Brunch board spreads and cappuccinos for both of us. We were given a number and sat at a table, sipping on our coffees. In no time at all the boards arrived - plates full of fruits, salad, a boiled egg, homemade bread, cheese, ham, jams, a mini yogurt parfait, roasted potatoes, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. Although simple, the spread was perfectly tasty and precisely what we were looking for.

On our way out the door, we couldn't help ourselves and bought a loaf of fresh bread for the road. Bergsson Mathus also serves lunch and a few light dinner options.


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