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Call me biased, but I have always been drawn to cities by the water. Not until I left San Francisco for college in St. Louis did I fully realize the impact that the ocean and the bay have on my daily life. Water calms me, water grounds me, water is home. Sydney is one of those cities shaped by the water, not only does it dictate how the city has been built but it also is an integral part of the city's character and lifestyle.

To get a taste of that active Australian lifestyle, don't miss the stunning (and paved) coastal walk between Bondi and Bronte featuring several beaches, parks, seaside swimming pools, and spectacular views. Take either the 333, 380, or the 381 bus and hop off at Bondi Beach. From here, head to the right side of the beach where you will link up with the beginning of the pathway near the Bondi Icebergs Club, where without fail you will see someone or a few someones swimming laps in the coastal pool. On a good day, waves will crash into and around the pool creating a lively and dynamic coastal scene.

The path continues along, meandering up and down next to dramatic and varied rock formations. Look to the right and get a taste of modern Australian architecture with the many stacked homes built alongside each other. Here and there you'll find a bench or a nice rock outcropping to sit on to take in the scenery. If it's a warm day, take a dip in a pool or at the beach.

Depending on how often you stop, the walk should take about 45 minutes. If you so desire, you can continue on beyond Bronte and head all the way to Coogee through the incredibly scenic cliffside Waverley Cemetery (another hour and fifteen minutes or so). Although there are a few stairs and inclines, the walk as a whole is fairly moderate and can be done by people of all ages.



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