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World renowned as the foodie mecca of Australia, Melbourne has an eclectic dining scene with a wide of array of flavors and cuisines sure to please anyone, even those from the world's great food cities. With craft coffee shops virtually around every corner and vibrant laneway restaurants serving up everything from Italian to dumplings, there is no shortage of good eats anywhere in the city.

On a recent trip to Australia I found that one food area that Melbourne particularly excels at is brunch. Brunch and coffee. Brunch and cocktails. Brunch. Get it? With that in mind, I had my childhood friend and two year Melbourne resident with a similar love of food take me to a few of her favorite local spots.

Grub Food Van | 87-89 Moor St

Complete with an Airstream trailer out front, Grub has nailed that indoor/outdoor, retro/modern, and quirky/charming vibe. The converted warehouse space features a myriad number of plants growing out of a variety of things, strange sculptures, a collection of mismatched tables & chairs and tons of natural light. The menu consists of several brunch staples including avocado toast (the great love of my life) and a large selection of cakes and baked goods. And coffee of course. A great place to start your day, or spend several hours lounging with friends.

Code Black Coffee | 119 Howard St

Walking by this cafe on a somewhat dreary day, I would have totally walked right past it had my friend not stopped us and led us inside. After sliding open the unassuming door, I found myself in a bright and lofty space with lacquered green beams, blonde woods, and brick walls painted in white and soft pastel diagonals. With an extensive menu featuring items like Zucchini, artichoke, almond & chia fritters with corn & tomato salsa, avocado, coriander & a poached egg or Coffee hot cake, chocolate ganache, mascarpone, coffee jelly & crisp chocolate, there is definitely something for all.

Auction Rooms Cafe | 103-107 Errol St

A bustling rustic cafe with exposed walls & ceilings serving what I considered some of the best coffee in Melbourne (am I allowed to say that?) and adventurous brunch options including french toast with passionfruit, arepas and eggs, chilaquiles, and much more. On a warm day, the windows are opened up to the street adding to the dynamic urban vibe. I would definitely come back here to try all their baked goods and brunch dishes.


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