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With temperatures dropping and holiday festivities beginning to take root, cozy sweaters, boots, and layers take the place of flowy summer dresses. Being able to mix and match items makes fall travel packing easy, even if you think the pieces take up more space than your summer wardrobe. Here are eight favorites for Fall and early Winter.

1 | Booties

Probably my #1 for Fall & Winter travel. Booties can be paired with anything, can be dressed up or down, and are comfortable for lots of walking. I recommend a 1-2in heel for comfort and find that black is the easiest to pair with most everything.

2 | Rainboots

Part of the fun of Fall & early Winter travel is the unpredictability. Take my recent October trip to New York, where the first day was 75 and humid, the second was humid & rainy, and the third was sunny but 45 degrees. With that in mind, if you see rain on your travel forecast or are going somewhere known for rain, or just plan on trudging around through a field, rainboots are key.

3 | Raincoats

In the same vein as the above, you need to keep your body dry as well, not just your feet. I am particularly fond of my "Misty Jacket."

4 | Long Sleeved Dress

Dresses are great versatile options while traveling in Fall. On a warm day, wear them bare legged, on a cooler day pair them with tights and boots.

5 | Oversized Knit

The ultimate in cozy comfort. An oversized sweater is great to have as a layering option and to keep you nice and warm on the plane. I particularly love Aritzia sweaters.

6 | Long Light Coat

A tried and true fall essential. Long coats provide the right amount of style, warmth, and versatility.

7 | Blanket Scarves

If you've looked at any of my other packing lists, you know I always travel with a scarf or two. In the fall and winter months, I upgrade to a blanket scarf for a bit more warmth.

8 | Sunglasses

Let's be honest, this is a year round necessity, but don't forget your sunnies even on overcast days. I typically trade in my more colorful shades for neutral palettes during this season.


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