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The colorful capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, is home to the Gothic upper town with its twin-spired cathedral, unique museums, lush parks, and winding streets full of shops. Often overlooked when planning a Croatia itinerary, Zagreb has much to offer historically and culturally, and should be a destination in its own right.


1| Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships or any other of the long list of museums in Zagreb.

Perhaps the most unique museum I have ever visited, the Museum of Broken Relationships features items and accompanying stories that symbolize a broken or lost relationship. The small, but growing collection is simltaneously heartwarming and sad.

Despite its small size, Zagreb has a ton of great museums. Others include The Museum of Naive Art, the Zagreb City Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Arts and Crafts Museum.

2| Explore Zagreb Cathedral

Built in the Gothic style, the Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia. Although parts of the structure are often scaffolded for restoration, the inside is always worth a visit.

3| Admire the tiled roof of St Mark's Church

The 13th-century church is notable for its colorful tiled roof that features the coat of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia, & Slavonia on the left and the emblem of Zagreb on the right.

4| Get the best view in town from 360

The Zagreb Eye is located at the top of the tallest building in Zagreb, right on the Ban Jelacic Square. Take stunning photos, grab a drink at the bar, or play a few boardgames while you take in the view. Tickets for a single adult are 30 kuna.

5| Peruse the goods at the Dolac Market

The central and daily farmer's market of Zagreb is always a lively place. The produce vendors sell under bright red umbrellas on an elevated square, with the meat and dairy vendors selling inside at ground level. You can also find various specialty goods and small cafes within.

6| Hike Medvenica Mountain

Perfect for great views and a break from the hubbub of the city. To hike to the top it will take about three hours. If you're not up for walking you can also drive most of the way up or take a bus.

7| Stroll the relatively small city with no destination in mind

In new cities I always love to just walk around and explore. You never know what you might come across, and getting lost with no plans can sometimes be just about perfect.

8| Bike around Jarun Lake

A local favorite, great for walking, running, or biking. In the warmer months there are ice cream carts and bars all over the area as well as beaches for swimming. Can be rather busy on weekends, especially in the summer.

9| Enjoy the vibrant street scene along Tkalciceva

Full of cafes, restaurants, and bars, Tkalciceva is always lively and the best place to go for nightlife in the heart of town. Sip on a glass of wine and watch as the people stroll by.

10| Relax in the peace and quiet of Maksimir Park.

Get more respite from the city with an afternoon in Maksimir Park, full of walkways, wooded areas, lakes, swans, and more . If you have the inclination, visit the zoo within the park as well.

Photo from Shutterstock

Photo from Shutterstock

11| Don't miss the beautiful and architecturally stunning Mirogoj Cemetery

Catch the bus near the cathedral and enjoy the 15 min ride to the cemetery. The Mirogoj Cemetery is an architectural wonder that almost transports you to another place. The cemetery is well maintained and each of the family crypts is unique and beautiful.

Photo from Shutterstock

12| Have a coffee and a piece of cake at Amelie

Located right near the cathedral, this quaint cafe is a great place to take a break and sip on a coffee. In the warmer months there are tables and chairs outside as well, making it the perfect people watching place.


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