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"Follow the yellow brick road," our Remote Year adage about our beloved coworking space, Publico, and its wonderfully colorful yellow rooftop in Mexico City. I don't have much past experience with coworking spaces, but as far as I'm concerned, Publico was fantabulous.

Brand spanking new upon our arrival, Publico became my home away from home in Mexico City, more so than my apartment, and ultimately was somewhere I truly enjoyed being and working. The coworking space is housed in a beautiful old corner colonial building in the Condesa neighborhood that has been fully renovated in a completely modern style. The contrast of old and new was a theme I found throughout Mexico City, and was something I particularly enjoyed.

3 levels of workspace surrounding a center atrium composed of smaller offices and call rooms, meeting rooms, and larger rooms with a collection of walnut desks. The top floor housed the "yellow brick road," a rather ingenious rooftop space full of private nooks with tables or benches to work in while still connected to the roof as a whole. One floor up was another rooftop area where most of us found some time to tan at least a few times throughout the month. A mix of concrete, warm walnut accents, bits of copper, tons of natural light, and lots of plant life made up the design aesthetic of the building.

With a super friendly staff, a cozy coffee & tea corner, and new spa waters everyday (ie cucumber water, grapefruit water, orange cinnamon water, strawberry basil water etc), I could have happily worked from Publico for many many more months, but I guess that's not the point of this whole Remote Year thing. Although not completed yet when we were there, eventually there will be an eatery on the ground floor, aptly named Publico Comedor.


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