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Although world renowned as a premium coffee producer and exporter, Colombia and in this case Bogota specifically, has also successfully delved into the other form of liquid caffeine, tea.

On a quiet residential street in the Chapinero neighborhood you'll find the peaceful and idyllic Taller de Te, a tea oasis in the heart of the big city. The decor is what I would call hipster chic - soft woods, colorful hexagon tiles, a mix of old school and midcentury furniture, eclectic tea cups and artwork, and bohemian patterned pillows & cushions. Through to the back is a small garden courtyard with a handful of tables and chairs, trees and small plants, and more color. Clearly, I'm a bit enamored with this place.

The menu is extensive, featuring white teas, green teas, black teas, oolong teas, rooibos, chai, infusions, and more. They also have some snacks and pastries and a selection of chocolates to complement the teas. I opted for a tea tasting of 3 Colombian infusions, each distinctly unique and produced with local ingredients. The first was a fruity infusion, followed by an herbal infusion that included the coca leaf, and lastly a somewhat cinammony and peppery infusion meant to help clear my (at the time) slightly sick throat. With a good wifi connection and friendly tea makers, I found this a great place to spend a quiet morning getting some work done.


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