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Once a haven for crime & drugs, Medellin is now a mecca for foreign backpackers and digital nomads, creating an influx of cute, new cafes and restaurants catering to the modern traveler. The following list is comprised of places I found that had the three characteristics I find vital to cafe working: a good design aesthetic, reliable WiFi, and tasty coffee.


1| Velvet Cafe - Due to its proximity to my apartment, I found myself at Cafe Velvet more often than not. The spacious and airy cafe has a color palette of blue and grey accented with walnut woods and a green living wall. In addition to coffees, teas, and other beverages, Velvet offers pastries and tasty cakes as well as sandwiches and other light lunch options. Outlets can be found under the banquet seating at the front of the restaurant. [Cra. 37 #8a46]

2| Al Alma (several locations) - I'm typically not one for chains, but this seems to be a relatively small, local chain with locations throughout Poblado. Although the two I visited were both cute, the Calle 11a location wins for overall aesthetic and vibe - think bright, white, and airy with plant life and a hanging bicycle. All locations offer an extensive breakfast & lunch menu, fresh juices, and of course coffee. [Calle 11a #43b122]

3| Urbania Cafe - An eclectic, hipster-chic cafe with a variety of coffee brewing methods in addition to your typical espresso drinks plus a whole selection of pastries and cakes. The open air cafe has several outlets and both indoor/outdoor seating, making it a great work place at any time of the day. [Calle 8 #43b-132]

4| Pergamino - Arguably the most popular cafe in the neighborhood, complete with indoor/outdoor seating, green & white tiled floors, soft woods, friendly baristas, and often a curious white dog. Think rustic with a modern twist. Pergamino serves coffee with a whole host of preparation methods as well as some light snacks and cakes. The cafe's only shortcoming is a lack of outlets, as far as I could find there are only a few under the high bar in the second room, so plan to come with a full charge during peak hours. [Cra. 37 #8-37]

5| Hija Mia - Tucked away on a quiet Poblado street is Hija Mia, a peaceful cafe away from the hubbub and traffic you find in the rest of the neighborhood. The vibe is laid-back yet colorful and the staff is friendly. [Calle 11a #43b-9]


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