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Although Portenos (people from Buenos Aires) have long enjoyed leisurely afternoon cortados with friends or while reading a newspaper, finding a quality brew was near impossible just a few years ago. The norm has been an overly watered down, burnt bean coffee with a somewhat rancid and unpleasant taste. At long last, baristas and a craft coffee culture have arrived to Buenos Aires with cafes to suite all tastes springing up all over town.


Full City Coffee House |

Serving coffee made from beans exclusively from the best growing regions of Colombia, Full City Coffee House is a cozy cafe in the hip Palermo Soho neighborhood. The cafe has two levels of indoor seating as well as a handful of sidewalk tables and a large outdoor patio perfect for the warmer months. Snacks and breakfast/lunch items are available, as is free wifi and power outlets, making it a great place to get a few hours of work done in the morning.

Felix Felices & Co |

Named after a potion found in Harry Potter, Felix Felices is a trendy corner cafe in Palermo that doles out quality brews with inventive latte art. In warmer weather, seating spills out onto the street and is an ideal venue for people watching. Wifi and outlets are available indoors as is a selection of food items.

Lattente |

With a couple locations in Palermo, Lattente offers espresso based drinks as well as various brewed coffees to an often bustling crowd. Beans are sourced predominantly from Colombia, but some do come from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and elsewhere. Cash only and no wifi.

All Saints Coffee |

For those that believe the quality and type of the water makes an important difference in a cup of coffee, All Saints Coffee in Belgrano is for you. Partnering with Gota, a local water company, All Saints has found the recipe for a perfect pour. They offer a variety of brewing methods as well as traditional espresso drinks in a hipstery space. Wifi & outlets available.

The Shelter Coffee |

Tucked behind an unassuming facade in the Recoleta / Retiro area is the speakeasy-like Shelter Coffee, a coffee oasis in somewhat of a coffee desert corner of town. Enjoy the jazzy tunes whilst sipping on a Flat White and munching on an almond croissant. Strong wifi and a couple outlets are available.

LAB Tostadores de Cafe |

Doubling as a cafe and a coffee school of sorts, LAB is the go-to coffee venue in Palermo Hollywood and for many coffee aficionados. Enjoy a latte with some lovely latte art and a pastry or warm cookie (if you're lucky!). LAB also supplies beans and blends for a variety of restaurants and cafes throughout BA.

Cuervo Cafe |

A simple, yet elegant cafe in Palermo Soho with high ceilings and a large open window for indoor / outdoor ordering and coffee enjoyment. They make quality espresso based drinks and brewed coffees complemented by a handful of baked goods and pastries. Be wary, they often open later than the interwebs indicate.

Barrio Cafetero |

On the always busy and somewhat overwhelming Calle Florida we find Barrio Cafetero, a tiny window doling out some of my favorite brews in the city. Swing by for some cafe para llevar as you do some window shopping along the street or take a few minutes and chat with the knowledgeable barista.

Salvaje Bakery |

More of a bakery than a true coffee house, Salvaje still does offer a tasty brew to accompany a bread basket or weekend brunch. The vibe is hipster chic with indoor/outdoor seating, graffiti-ed walls, and friendly staff.

Ninina |

As mentioned in my Buenos Aires Food Post, Ninina quickly became a favorite of mine for its early opening hours, its avocado toast, and its variety of coffees and teas. Lattes are served in bowls in the French style, but French Presses, Chemexes, and pour overs are also available. Ninina is open all day, has a lengthy and tasty food menu, and has wifi and outlets for digital nomad use.


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