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6 Beaches to Visit on Milos

With arguably the best beaches in the whole of the Aegean, the peaceful island of Milos is home to some 70 or more beaches distinguished by their unique natural beauty and crystal clear waters. An array of colors and interesting rock formations make each beach its own and provide a variety of distinct settings to enjoy a day by or on the sea. Here is my short list for beaches to visit in Milos.


Best for Swimming

Tsigrado Beach - Located on the southern side of the island, Tsigrado Beach is easily accessible by car and a good option for days when the north Meltemi winds blow. Although getting to the parking lot is easy, descending to the beach proves to be a bit more of a challenge with a combination of ropes and short ladders. Despite the exertion, once upon the small & charming beach you will be rewarded with some of the clearest water on the island and a variety of coves and caves to be explored while swimming. Be sure to swim out from the beach and to the left around the rock outcroppings for further exploration. No services or amenities so bring snacks & water.

Best for Full Day Lounging

Firiplaka Beach - Also located on the southern side of the island and easily accessible by car, Firiplaka is the longest beach on the island and has a fully serviced portion with food options, music, and an area where you can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs. A bit further along the beach behind the large rock is another stretch of beach where you can roll out your towels and enjoy a more peaceful afternoon. The colors of the rocks surrounding the beach range from red to pink to white to yellow and change with the afternoon light, making the environment oh so beautiful. The water is clear and remains shallow for quite a distance, making this a good beach for families and for all day relaxation. Again a good option on windy days.

Best Accessible by Boat

Kleftiko Beach - Characterized by large rock formations, plenty of arches & caves, and clear blue and turquoise waters, Kleftiko is perhaps the hallmark of the island and an absolute must-visit to truly have been to Milos. Located on the southwestern corner of the island, Kleftiko is only accessible by boat, with day and half day trips leaving from a variety of points on the island. Although the bulk of boats leave from the main port in Adamas, they are quite expensive, so I recommend taking an approx 3hr roundtrip boat ride with Delfinia Tours from Kipos Bay for 22 euros/person (call ahead to book your spot in the summer months as they do fill up - +30 694 800 5585). Boats leave from Kipos at 11am and 3pm. Enjoy jumping off the boat and swimming in and around all that stunning Kleftiko has to offer.

Most Unique

Sarakiniko Beach - Over the years crashing waves and sharp north winds have shaped the white volcanic rock of northern Milos into the moon-like landscape of Sarakiniko Beach. The sweeping rocks can be lounged on, jumped off of, and photographed, all whilst enjoying the otherworldly scenery. The beach itself is quite shallow upon entry and good for wading. Easily accessible by car, but only visit on a not so windy day and preferably earlier in the day to avoid crowds.

Best Local Beach

Firopotamos Beach - The picturesque and tiny Firopotamos Beach is nestled into a small bay on the northern side of the island surrounded by a handful of charming fishing homes, a small church, and dramatic cliff faces. The beach is made up of tiny pebbles and is partially serviced with a handful of loungers and umbrellas available to those early arrivals. Accessible by car and just 5 minutes from the town of Plaka.

Best Beach for An Adventure

Papafragas Beach - Located on the windy northern coast, Papafragas Beach should only be visited on a day when the sea is very calm and only by those that don't mind a narrow, somewhat slippery rock outcropping path down to the tiny sliver of a beach. From above the beach and emerald waters look like a private swimming pool, but once on the beach you can see an archway on the other side perfect for a swimming adventure. No amenities and not recommended for sunbathing or children.



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